About Limited Liability Company

If you are a non-resident alien looking for asset protection and anonymity, the best solution for you is LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Delaware, USA.

Delaware is BETTER than Offshore!
For several years many of international clients have turned to EURO COMMERCE LLC in order to form LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Delaware, USA. Opening of the LLC company in Delaware is smart and profitable solution for international business.

* Delaware LLCs are “Disregarded Entities” according to IRS regulations, that means no U.S. income tax and no reporting due.
* By choosing EURO COMMERCE LLC, clients receive reliable and fast service at the industry’s lowest rates.

1) Disclosure
To our many international clients, anonymity is important. Many of our customers select to incorporate Delaware LLCs as one of the components of their asset protection strategy. The Delaware LLC provides the anonymity that most international jurisdictions do not offer. As a Registered Agent, EURO COMMERCE LLC is NOT required to keep any information on the beneficial owner, and the State of Delaware does NOT require disclosure of the beneficial owner’s identity.

2) Benefits of Incorporating an LLC in Delaware
* Clients are not personally liable with their personal property and assets for obligations of Delaware company.
* Asset protection.
* No U.S. IRS Tax! No filing for LLCs.
* Enhanced credibility with existing and potential customers.

3) Real Estate Ownership
Owners of real estate in international locations have a range of options to shelter their ownership including holding the title/deed in the name of a Delaware LLC. The structure has the flexibility to account for estate planning issues as well as asset protection.

4) Strategies for specific purposes
Some of our international customers used Delaware LLCs to maintain anonymity in a acceptable and legal way. The Delaware LLC provides anonymity because by Delaware State law the identities of members or managers are not made public. All the details and arrangements of the LLC are handled by a private operating agreement that affords the owners tremendous contractual flexibility.

We will prepare and file your Delaware LLC “Certificate of Formation” and ship your “Certified Copy of the Certificate of Formation”- with the Apostille de la Hague – via DHL or FedEx to you.

In October 1992 the U.S. state of Delaware , long known as the corporate capital of the United States, passed what corporate lawyers consider a model act providing for the formation of a new type of entity called the “Limited Liability Company”. With roots in European law, such as the German “GmbH”, this business entity is rapidly becoming popular due to the pass-through tax treatment available.

Using a Delaware LLC, many “Non-Resident Aliens” of the USA can legally avoid all U.S. Federal taxes for their business enterprises.

This information was prepared by Euro Commerce LLC, in cooperation with three Delaware attorneys at law specialized in Delaware corporate law.

Euro Commerce LLC is one of the companies for corporate services specialized in forming Delaware corporations and LLC companies, Limited Partnerships and Business Trusts. In addition Euro Commerce LLC, offers other services like assistance when opening bank accounts, offshore consulting and assistance when maintaining a Delaware company.

Delaware has long been recognized as the most attractive state for organizing a business entity. Delaware ‘s corporation and trust laws are known for their unparalleled flexibility regarding freedom of contract. The strong working relationship in Delaware between the legislature, the judiciary and the Corporation Law Committee of the Delaware Bar Association helps to ensure that these laws will remain at the cutting edge of innovation. In addition, the Delaware courts that interpret these laws are among the most sophisticated and respected in the nation, and around the world. This tradition of excellence attracts business people from around the world to form their business entity in Delaware . More that half of the Fortune 500 and the NYSE companies are domiciled in Delaware .

The basic approach of the Delaware statute is to allow parties to define their business relationship in the written agreement which governs the operation and management of the entity (the “LLC agreement”), and to provide rules only for those matters on which the parties have failed to agree. The stated policy of the Delaware Act is to give maximum effect to the principle of freedom of contract and to the enforceability of LLC agreements. The contractual flexibility offered by the Delaware Act is unmatched by any other LLC statute.

While the Delaware Act permits a Delaware LLC to be managed by its members; it does not require members to be managers. More importantly, it also provides that no member or manager is obligated personally for any debt, obligation or liability of the Delaware LLC solely by reason of such person’s being a member or acting as a manager. This limitation on personal liability compares with the limitation on personal liability enjoyed by stockholders and directors of a Delaware corporation.

A Delaware LLC, if properly elected on your SS-4 application, will be treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes and therefore will not be subject to tax at the entity level. This means that a Delaware LLC can offer the same tax advantages as a limited partnership, including the ability to provide through a written agreement for allocations of income and/or deductions to members in amounts that differ from the members’ economic interest in the LLC, as well as the ability to provide basis to members for non-recourse debt. A Delaware LLC also will provide greater tax flexibility in areas of distributions and can be used as a valuable tool for estate planning and wealth transfers.

* Entrepreneurs who do not want to bear the expense of creating a flexible, customized business structure should consider staying with the more standardized structure of a stock corporation.
If an LLC is not right for your enterprise, and you would like to form a Delaware Corporation, We would be happy to form one for you. Simply call us, or fax us for additional information.