How to Register an LLC

By registering an LLC, you get an opportunity for doing business worldwide. LLC is subject to fixed annual costs, without turnover considerations, except in business conducted on American soil. It has true offshore status for all non-American citizens, and non-resident aliens in the USA . One person can register it, but it can also be registered as partnership. Another business entity can also register an LLC.


• Name and exact address of the person(s) or company who wishes to form an LLC

• Name of the company (add LLC at the end).

• Your funds for registration


a) Registration of the company and preparation of all documents

– LLC agreement
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Statement of Authorized Person
– Delaware Division of Corporations Permanent File number

b) Address in the USA (registered agent)

c) Guide – How to open a bank account in west European bank with possibility to get VISA and/or MASTER credit cards, and to access this account on-line


• USD 999,00 in advance, when submitting the order. 999 $

In this price is included the cost of Registered Agent (address in USA) for the first year of LLC existence.

• ANNUAL COST: 550 $

– Delaware franchise tax – due June 1st every year 250 $
– The filing of an informational tax return 50 $
– Registered Agent Fee – This fee is guaranteed for the lifetime of the company if paid on time 250 $


Due to the USA fiscal policy laws, in which the fiscal year is calculated from June 1 st , the annual costs are supposed to be paid in the following manner:

• if the incorporation date of the LLC is before June 1 st (period from Jan 1 st to May 31 st ), the annual costs should be paid 30 days before the incorporation date (birthday of the company), so that we can pay Registered Agent fee, in a timely manner.

• if the incorporation date of the LLC is after June 1 st (period from June 1 st to Dec 31 st ), the annual costs are paid until May 1 st , so that we can file the informational tax return and pay the franchise tax for the previous year in a timely manner.
Late payments are subject to “Late Payment Penalties”, and if it happens, it is very expensive to bring your LLC into “good standing” condition for the Delaware Tax Authorities.

If paid on time, we guarantee that the price of Registered Agent, and the cost of filing of an informational tax return, will not increase, for the lifetime of your LLC!

The cost of Delaware franchise tax depends on the Delaware Tax Authorities. The last increase in price happened on 01.09.2008., when after 4 years, it changed from USD 200,00 to USD 250,00, so we don’t expect any change soon.


If owner(s) does not conduct business in the USA , and is not US citizen, and is not resident in the USA , there are no taxes under the present laws.


21 days, except if suggested name of the LLC already exists in the Registrar. It prolongs the term for 4-5 days. Solution for this problem is that you immediately come up with few more names for the company.


• Fax number in the USA 100 $
You receive faxes sent to this number on your e-mail

• Phone no. in the USA /annually 800 $
(shared with few companies)
Secretarial service

• Phone no. in the USA /annually 1800 $
( only yours )
Secretarial service

• Mail forwarding services:
1.) Basic per mail forwarding 40$
2.) Basic 6 mail forwarding 200$
3.) Basic 15 mail forwarding 350$
4.) Unlimited mail forwarding 650$

• Certificate of Good Standing 150 $

• Certificate of Good Standing, with Apostile 300 $